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happy friday!  i hope you all have some fun weekend plans to look forward to.  i am excited because today marks the beginning of the second round of playoffs for the royals and i am looking forward to cheering them on!


one: last weekend was family weekend at my alma mater which was so fun because my sister, sister-in-law and cousin all go there, plus my brother-in-law came in for the weekend.  it is always a blast going back to campus to see all of them and tailgate together!
two: mid-week date night to see gone girl.  our weekends are crazy busy the next few weeks and i was dying to see the movie after reading the book last christmas.  overall, i thought it was so well done!  it was really fun seeing it with matt since he had no idea what to expect.  after the movie i could not help but tweet his reaction, it was too good!
three: productive weekends are the best.  sunday matt was gone all day and i took advantage of that to get so much stuff done.  some of it had been on my list for over a year, sad truth.  better late than never right?!
four: one day this week, we went golfing for a work outing and it was so much fun.  it was my first time golfing, i have only been to the driving range twice and mini golfing a handful of times (if that counts) so to say i was not good would be an understatement, but i was told i would have won “best dressed” if there was a competition so that’s a success 😉
five: not one, but two, giveaways this week!  make sure you have entered to win the skirt and the holiday mart tickets because today is the last day to enter!!

“for from his faithfulness, 
we have received grace upon grace.”
john 1:16

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