happy halloween!!!  i feel like this holiday completely snuck up on me since we have been completely focused on the world series around here.  i do have a costume in mind for a party tomorrow but still haven’t gotten anything for it haha.  hope it all comes together, stay tuned!  [make sure you’re following me on instagram @mkminnis_GHL]  what are y’all dressing up as??


one: world series watch parties with friends are so much fun; games are always so much more exciting when experienced with other people.  i may or may not have gone to four in the past week.  what can i say, we love our royals.
two: family group texts that completely drain my battery.  apparently my dad’s new “thing” is using random emojis that do not make sense together like he is trying to tell a story.  yep, it’s pretty entertaining!
three: finally got around to hanging our gallery wall this week, only took about 8 months.  now i just need to order the prints to go inside the currently empty frames haha.  
four: also finally got around to installing shelves and organizing our cupboard of a closet and i feel so much less stressed when getting dressed now!  since we live in a one bedroom apartment, the closet is only made for one person, rather than two clothes-hoarding individuals, so it’s been rough. 
five: been jamming out to taylor swift’s new album “1989” all week long.  she may have strayed from her beloved country roots (“tim mcgraw” forever) but i swear, that girl made a better pop album than most pop artists.  every song is great but my favorites are probably style, blank space, wildest dreams and clean.  if you’ve been listening, what are yours?

“say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”
-taylor swift, wildest dreams

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