posting about baseball again, sorry i’m not sorry.  if you were following the world series you know that it ended last night, with the royals losing by 1 run to the giants in game 7 at home and i am honestly devastated.  having grown up in the bay area and the fact that my family and friends root for the giants but now live in kansas city and have been a royals fan for the past six years and they are my husband’s favorite team, you might think that i was torn when that became the matchup for the world series but i was behind those boys in blue 100%!  we did have a back and forth group text going on in the family though haha.
as we close out this season, i wanted to put together a little season recap.  i know this seems weird and out of left field (see what i did there?) for me to post about but you just do not understand how making the world series has affected this city.  the royals have not made it to the playoffs since before i was born so the whole place has been abuzz, everyone sporting their blues on game days, flags flying, billboards changed to show support, meetings planned around game times,  work letting out early, fountains flowing blue, everyone jealous of anyone able to get their hands on tickets for less than $400 a piece, anyone and everyone a royals fan.
the only two upsides to the season being over:
1. i no longer have to worry of my husband having a heart attack at age 25. 
2. i was running out of blue things to wear.  
to bring this to an end — boys, you gave the whole nation hope in the underdog that anything is possible and you made this city so proud.
so we will always be royal. 

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