i hope y’all had a wonderful thanksgiving!!  i decided to take the holiday to fully celebrate and take some time away from the blog which i then extended through yesterday so here i am mid-day on saturday sharing my friday five! 😉

one: november 27, 2010 marks my and matt’s dating anniversary.  i love that it always falls right around thanksgiving, as it is always a great reminder of what a great man i have by my side.  each year, we recreate the date we went on that night: going to see the plaza lights and then seeing a movie.  this year it was mockingjay, so good!  thankful for four years together and many more to come!
two: two thanksgivings in one week!  last weekend we celebrated with my husband’s extended family and then on thursday we celebrated just with his family and a few friends.  so much food, fun and games!
three: anyone else been following the podcast “serial”?  i had heard about it but had not been following it, until matt and i binge-listened to all of the published episodes in a 24 hour span last weekend!  it is sooo good and we are counting down the days until thursday for the next episode!
four: discovered new-to-me elle and design co blog that shares a new bible verse phone background each week, which she calls “weekly truths”.  her designs are so pretty, the verses she chooses amazing and i plan to download them each week to hopefully memorize!
five: came home one night this week to a beautiful christmas wreath on the front door from my grandparents!  really got me in the christmas spirit!!
ps: yesterday i posted a ton of black friday sales, and most of them are still going on, so be sure to check out that post for codes!
pps: i am going to be hosting a giveaway you won’t want to miss on instagram tomorrow, so make sure you are following along! (@mkminnis_ghl)
“i will praise the name of god with song;
i will magnify him with thanksgiving.”
-psalm 69:30

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