^love and the outcome at the k-love christmas tour^

christmas is only 6 days away!  i cannot believe that we are already under the one week mark.  we haven’t even bought gifts yet for half our family, eek!  i am kind of a notorious procrastinator when it comes to christmas shopping and always vow to myself that next year will be different but alas, here i am again.  i know our weekend will be spent buying gifts and hopefully crossing off everyone on our list.  if you are like me and still trying to find gifts, make sure to check out my gift guides and pinterest boards for ideas.

while i am a little behind, this week was full of events getting me excited for christmas, tons of time with friends and family and celebrations!


ONE: i got to go on a sister date with my twinsy to a christmas concert before she flew back home to california for break.  it was the k-love christmas tour and we were totally geeking out seeing some of our favorite christian artists play.  plus, we got there a couple minutes late so were just standing way at the back but then were invited to go all the way up to the front so we didn’t have to stand so we ended up in the third row!
TWO: we attended the beautiful wedding of two of our friends!
THREE: yesterday i awoke to a winter wonderland!  everything was covered in snow and it looked so pretty!  of course it was the day i had to drive an hour away for work though…
FOUR: caught up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while over dinner mid-week and even got to see their new home!  seeing it all decorated with lights and a tree made me wish we had actually decorated this year haha.  
FIVE: we had matt’s work christmas party last night and afterwards went and walked around the plaza picking up a few gifts.  the lights were glowing and people were rushing around, the air was just full of that christmas spirit 🙂


“no one ever got to victory without fighting for it.”
-warren barfield

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