this week has been such a fun one to say the least because i was able to spend it at home with my family.  i come from a family of six kids and three of us are married and live all over the US; with spouses the family has grown to 11!  it is rare that we are ever all together so when my husband and i realized that we were the only ones not planning to come back to my hometown, we decided to fly in and surprise them!
i hope y’all had a wonderful christmas and got to spend time with those you love, whether they be direct family, in-laws, or just friends you consider family.


ONE: my dad was the only one who knew about the surprise since he helped us execute so we got to surprise every other person in the family one by one which was an absolute blast.  seeing everyone’s reactions was priceless.

TWO: every time matt and i come to my hometown, we make a special little trip out to the park where he proposed.  we like to reenact the scene, me flailing my hands about with total shock included 😉

THREE: in addition to being home for christmas, we were able to be here for my mom’s birthday which is always great.  she is truly such a wonderful woman and to be able to give her all six kids home for her birthday was the best.
FOUR: this might only be cool if you like cooking haha but the original williams-sonoma was founded in my hometown (sonoma, ca) but hasn’t been there for years.  well, just this past year it reopened in it’s original location and it is incredible.  it is basically a renovated house so behind the typical show kitchen and shopping area is a family kitchen, living room, bathroom and a huge backyard area!  plus, while we were checking it out we ran into some of my best friends from high school who i hadn’t seen in so long so that made me love it even more!
FIVE: this was by far the best christmas ever.  opening gifts was so special, just having all 11 of us in one room, everyone trying to talk over one another (we are known for being talkers) and all knowing that the best gift of all was being together.
we are still here through the weekend, so sorry but you will be hearing more about the trip next week including a travel diary of pictures and possibly even a video!  and i haven’t forgotten about the chicago one, i will be sharing that here soon, but until then you can watch it on youtube 😉

“every good and perfect gift is from above.”
-james 1:17

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