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after two days sick in bed (i think it was food poisoning), i am actually happy to go back to work today but still glad it is friday! 😉  and excited because we are heading up to chicago for the weekend!


one: dinner with co-workers to celebrate the completion of a huge project.  it was such a fun night, although i am pretty this is where i got sick haha.
two: this is really weird for me to say, but i have actually been enjoying the cold lately!  i think this will last all of a hot second but i am trying to savor the “nice cold” before it is just bitter cold.
three: this new ring from anjolee hasn’t left my hand since i got it earlier this week!
four: in an effort to up my quota of books read during the year, i picked up three from the library and am hoping to get through them before the end of december.  i got the husband’s secret, paris letters and the shining girls.  have you read any of them?
five: enjoying time with family. the best part of the holidays is seeing friends and family and spending time with those that matter most. 


“i am with you and will watch over you wherever you go,
and i will bring you back to this land. 
i will not leave you until i have done what i have promised you.”
-genesis 28:15

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