whenever my brother-in-law is in town, we always do one shoot where he acts as my photographer.  i literally mean “act”; he pretends to be some sort of famous professional photographer and it is absolutely hilarious.  (i recommend watching the video of it here)  these shoots are always the ones i look forward to the most because he goes over the top, including props, rolling around in the leaves, barking orders, making matt get in some of them, you get the picture.  well over thanksgiving, we got these photos.
this sweater is a new purchase.  after i saw it on my friend kendall’s blog i knew i had to have it and snatched it up during one of gap’s recent sales.  i love the loose fit of it and have already worn it multiple times, with a button-down under it, with a turtleneck under it, and on its own.  it is so cozy it kind of feels like i am wearing a blanket!  and then the leather leggings seemed like the obvious choice.  because everyone knows elastic is your best friend on thanksgiving 😉

MATT – old navy flannel – comes in lots of colors! || ralph lauren polo jacket || brooks brothers pants || allen edmonds shoes

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