cold weather requires cozy clothing in my mind and when i think of chicago i think cold.  so as i was frantically packing at 11 pm friday night for my early morning flight to the windy city, i decided to dip into my husband’s sweater collection.  man oh man, i think i have found a gold mine!  i highly suggest checking out your man’s closet if you are looking for a soft oversized sweater, maybe even a button down would work too 😉  to balance out the loose top, i went with my favorite pair of coated skinny denim, a leopard belt, and suede heeled booties.
on my first day in the city, matt was busy at a work meeting most of the day, so i got to meet up with blog friend alexa of bright city brunette.  we have been “blog friends” for about a year now but it was our first time meeting in person, so it was really fun!  this look was perfect for brunch and a little window shopping and then drinks with matt later on that night.  stay tuned tomorrow for another travel look and later this week for a travel diary and (fingers crossed) a video!  let me tell you we got some good footage – here is a hint 😉

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