a rare sunday post and new unchartered waters here on GHL: food!  i have never written about food here but i just had to share about a new restaurant in kansas city i had the chance to try out last week.  i will preface this by saying that my husband tells me i am “picky”, not in the usual way of only liking simple foods like mac and cheese and chicken fingers, but rather the opposite.  i like really good food.   my mom is an excellent cook; we had a restaurant quality dinner every single night as a family and i am willing to try just about anything.  also, i used to work in a restaurant so add all of those factors together and i have pretty high expectations when it comes to dining.  
now all that being said, a few months ago i heard about renee kelly’s harvest on a recommendation from a friend and put it on my list of places to try.  last week i had the opportunity to go and taste the holiday menu and let me tell you, it is heavenly!  it is a farm to table establishment, everything is either grown on site or locally sourced, and so the menu changes with the seasons.  this ensures that the food is fresh and seasonally appropriate.  the flavors, the textures, the presentation, everything was perfection.
if you are in the kansas city area i highly recommend spending an evening at renee kelly’s harvest.  i have already been telling some friends about it and will definitely be going back in the spring or summer to taste the new menu.  it is located at 12401 johnson drive, west of I-35; totally an unassuming part of town, but you will know you’re there when you see a castle.  yep, this restaurant is inside a renovated castle!  if that’s not reason enough to visit then i don’t know what is 😉
below are a few pictures of some of my absolute favorite dishes that i got to try, enjoy!
rabbit saddle with white bean ragout – pressed duck breast with quinoa – coffee and molasses pork chop with winter squash (this was my absolute favorite and i don’t even like pork chops!)
salt roasted beet salad with caramelized pumpkin
pork belly with pear ginger glaze

scotch filet with sweet potato gnocchi

deconstructed s’mores

*i was invited to dine at renee kelly’s harvest but my review is 100% honest; i truly did enjoy this restaurant and highly recommend it!

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