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i have always thought of nails as an accessory so just like the rest of your closet, your nail colors have to change with the seasons as well.  the hot pinks and stark whites go to the back of the beauty closet and up come the dark blues, burgundys and smoky greys.  above are a few of my favorite shades for the colder months ahead and below i am sharing my winter routine to keep my nails in their best shape.  
1. first of all, pick the perfect color!  
2. trim and shape nails.  this is up to preference; i like mine to be short, rounded squares. 
3. file nails, wash hands, and then file once more with the soft side of the emery board.  this will ensure that any little bits are gone and the edges are completely smooth. 
4. buff nails.  i use this four-sided buffer to remove all ridges. 
5. paint two very thin coats, ensuring that you allow nails to completely dry between coats.  make sure to paint the very top edge of your nail to prevent possible chipping.  don’t worry if you get it on your fingers, we will clean that up later. 
6. finish with top coat to lock it all in.  i swear by this one.  again, don’t forget the top edge.  i also love using this spray to speed up the drying process.
7. once nails are completely dry, wash with soap and warm water to remove all excess on your fingers, or use a nail polish correcter pen.  
8. most importantly, moisturize nightly!  during the winter, the cold air dries my hands out making them crack, so lotioning up each night is essential to keeping my nails in their best shape during the winter. 
i honestly never get my nails done but always get asked if my nails are gel.  after years of painting my nails using the steps above, i guess you could say i have perfected the at-home mani!  i hope those tips are helpful to you to “winterize” your nails!

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