[new year’s eve]
TGIF!  coming back from the holidays to full-blown winter is pretty exhausting, can i get an amen?  that being said, i will take it if it means time off with family.  
since i didn’t share my friday five last week, this week’s covers the past two weeks.  i don’t want to forget anything and plus, it feels good to still hang on to the holidays for a little bit longer 😉

ONE: i took time away from the blog and over two weeks off from work (23 straight days of not working haha) for the holidays and it was glorious!  i am so grateful to feel  refreshed and be back to blogging with new ideas and plans for the year!
TWO: while home i planned a get-together with all of my best friends from high school.  it is extremely rare that everyone is home at the same time but we got lucky and everyone was able to make it.  i think i got extra lucky in high school because i truly got some of the greatest friends in the world.  even though some of us hadn’t seen each other in a few years and might not have talked in months, we just picked up right where we left off.
THREE: a day trip up to lake tahoe to go snowboarding/skiing.  one of the best things about california that i took for granted is that in just a few hours you can get to anything: beach, mountains, desert, etc.  i have only snowboarded one other time a few years ago, so it was really fun to get back out there even though i am certainly not headed to the winter x-games any time soon 😉
FOUR: this past weekend, matt and i soaked up the last of our days together before heading back to work with multiple date nights.  we went and checked out the last of the christmas decorations around town before they come down, watched some of our shows, went to some fun restaurants and even went to my first KU basketball game which was a blast!
FIVE: this year we decided to forgo the usual new year’s eve party and instead chose to ring in the new year with just a few of our best friends over a late dinner.  it was low-key but intimate and i think it was a premonition of a wonderful year to come.
wishing you a wonderful weekend and remember:
“you pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him.”
-st. teresa of avila

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