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every year i make a new year’s resolution to read more books, usually about one a month.  clearly i fell a little behind last year only finishing six, but they were all great and i wanted to share them with you in case you are looking for your next read!

KILLING JESUS: favorite book i read this year!  this book was highly researched and gives a very accurate depiction of the final days of the life of jesus.  it is especially great because it puts you right there and explains why certain things were of such significance.  it is easy to fall into the trap of believing what we are told and forgetting to think about what that would have really been like and this book will throw you right into the middle of it.

ME BEFORE YOU: a major tear jerker so do not read this book in public, but so good!  a man of adventure becomes paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair after a freak accident.  a timid girl begins taking care of him and they change one another’s lives.

THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE: full disclosure i started this one before matt and i were married and only finished it this year!  for some reason it read really slowly for me, but so many people love it so i still highly recommend it.  it is broken up into 40 very short chapters making it easy to read just one a day.

THE HUSBAND’S SECRET:  the book follows the stories of three separate women and how they all collide when a woman finds a note from her husband that is only meant to be read upon his death.  a really easy read and so good.  plus, the secret was not what i was expecting!
LOVE DOES: an inspiring and easy read, bob goff shows what can happen when love takes action.  in each chapter he recounts an event or experience in his life (usually very entertaining) and then ties that story back to jesus’ life and love.  can easily be read as a devotional, one chapter a day.

THE POWER OF A PRAYING WIFE DEVOTIONAL: this book is really great for married women or even just for anyone in a serious relationship.  simply choose a chapter based on how you are feeling or what  you want to pray for, for example “when we need to talk things out”, “when he he needs the leading of god about his occupation”, even “when i don’t feel like praying for him”.  each chapter begins with a bible verse, then proceeds into a devotional narrative and then ends with a prayer.  it is a really great guide to learning how to pray for your husband because it spells it out for you and the prayers are exceptional, plus it is just a good reminder to pray for him.  highly recommend!

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