the whole ombre thing is losing its lustre for me and i am just about ready to try something new.  well not necessarily new, basically i just want to go back to what it was a year ago – blonde and shorter.  i have been waiting until the end of busy season because i knew i was not going to want to do my hair when working 60 hour weeks and also because my roots get bad in the winter.  however, recently i went to do a fun braided headband and my ombre caused some serious issues.  it was still a fun and relatively easy hairstyle though so i will definitely be re-creating once i have my blonde locks back!
also, if you have not already noticed, i am obsessed with these boots.  the other day i wore them around the house all day and my husband kept teasing me and asked if they were my new slippers haha.  i cannot help it, they are warm, comfy and though not a pain to take off, it does take a second and i didn’t have that kind of time! 😉



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