you know what’s weird?  early spring.  like it’s cold when i go to work so i still have to wear my winter coat but when i get off it’s glorious and i have to walk around downtown back to the parking garage in this wool coat and people stare at me!  haha anyways sorry for the tangent, five things that made my week…
ONE: speaking of this warm weather, it is giving me life right now.  i have heard that winter is supposed to come back at the end of the month (eww, stay away) so i am soaking it all up now with evening walks, reading on the balcony and rocking the white jeans and short dresses.
TWO: wednesday night, matt and i decided that since the big 12 basketball tournament is in town, we should head downtown to watch it.  well, we ended up running into a friend there who had two free tickets from his work that he was not planning to use.  so at the last minute we ended up getting to actually go into the game!  unfortunately the team we were rooting for lost but it was still so fun.
THREE: matt kept calling last weekend “my weekend”.  want to know why?  because we went to bed early every night and had literally no plans haha.  it was heavenly!!  we were able to just enjoy the weekend and make up plans as we went instead of rushing from place to place.
FOUR: there is nothing quite like the excitement that comes with new clothes, amiright?!  i shared some of my current wishes/wants earlier this week as well as the items i have already snatched up here!
FIVE: enjoyed a patio drink with matt on sunday and am thinking it should become a tradition as a way to send off the weekend.
and with that, cheers to the weekend! 😉

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