Blogger Meet-Up: Sabrina, Me, Ashley, Amy Ann

We made it to Friday!!!  On Sunday night I realized we were out of my coffee so I had to start the week without it, if that puts anything in perspective 😉  Then to make matters worse, when I went to the store on Monday evening I accidentally bought real coffee instead of decaf (I do not drink caffeine) and did not realize it so I was up alllll night Tuesday.  So it is safe to say I am very happy to see the weekend!

But anyways, the week wasn’t all bad, in fact it was pretty good.  I did not post last week because life aka work got in the way, so here are my top five from the past two weeks.

ONE: Meeting blog friends in real life.  Maybe other people do not understand, but as bloggers we often make friends with people we have never met and might never have the chance to meet.  And to us that is totally normal!  However, when you finally get to meet one of your blog friends in real life and they are everything you expected and more, well that is a pretty great feeling.  I had the pleasure of meeting up with Amy Ann recently and she is a true gem.
TWO: This past weekend it was incredibly nice out and Matt had the idea to rent bikes and ride around town.  It was so much fun but actually way more of a workout than I expected.  I kept telling him that I grew up in a valley and my town was totally flat so to me Kansas City is so hilly my little legs could not handle it!
THREE: Eating outside.  I love food and I love good weather, so combine those two and let me eat outside and I am one very happy girl.  We have been taking advantage of the nice weekends and dining on the patios of our favorite restaurants and on our balcony during the week.
FOUR: Kansas City Fashion Week is always a fun time and this season did not disappoint.  As I meet more local bloggers these sorts of events get even more fun because I have formed friendships and we often only see each other at these events.  Plus it is always great to get to celebrate fashion with other people who appreciate it.  You can see my looks from KCFW here and here as well as my roundup of my ten favorite runway looks here
FIVE: During the winter I had a girl reach out to me who owns a local boutique and wanted to meet up, only to put two and two together that she knew my husband and that my mother-in-law taught her as a kid – small world!  Well anyways, she runs a super cute boutique and we finally had a chance to meet up last week!  I pulled a look from her shop for KCFW (seen here) and got so many compliments, so obviously I like her even more 😉  She is in the process of setting up an online shop and I will be sure to let you know when it goes live.  Until then you can shop via Instagram – you can get the shorts I wore here.
“I don’t have to see to believe that you’re lifting me up on your shoulders.”
-Shoulders by For King and Country

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