With my girls Megan and Erin
It’s been a long week over here full of a lot of work and a lot of fun.  Something about this time of year is always cuh-razy busy, I honestly think it’s the weather because suddenly it’s light out for so much longer and nice out so we start planning things every night of the week.  It is great fun, but man does it feel like Friday takes forever!  Anyone else feel me on this one?!
ONE: Last weekend I attended my first ever blog conference, Go Blog Social!  It was great to meet new friends as well as catch up with local blogger friends, listen to inspiring and educational talks, and be in the company of so many like-minded individuals.  You can see my look from day one here, and day two here
TWO: I love that at least for this part of our life we live close to Matt’s family.  I really did get so lucky with wonderful in-laws that have treated me like family since day one.  Plus, Matt’s mom has an extraordinary talent of gift-giving, she always knows exactly what to get!  So opening up my Easter basket was really exciting – she even put it all in a picnic basket instead of an Easter basket because she knows I love to go on picnics!
THREE: There is a new blow dry bar opening up in downtown KC today called Posh KC and one night this week I got to attend a sneak peek event, have my hair done and see some friends.  It is such a gorgeous space and the stylists were all so sweet, highly recommend checking it out!
FOUR: Weekend before last I went to brunch with two of my girlfriends (we lived together during our internship a few summers ago and have been besties ever since) and we were literally there for going on four hours haha!  We felt bad to hog a table that long but when you’re having girl talk sometimes the time just slips by!
FIVE: One thing I will miss whenever the day comes that we move is being able to run over to my best friend’s house late at night to grab clothes to wear for the weekend because I am bored of my stuff and just sit and chat for an hour.  Being in such a close vicinity to my closest friends is such a blessing.  Sorry to get all sappy, but really it is the best!
“Beauty blossoms from the inside.”

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