It has been a long week over here, to say the least.  Let’s just say I ugly cried in front of my boss if that gives you any indication of how this week went for me hahaa.  However, it wasn’t all bad and that’s why I love recapping these “Friday Five” posts.  It always puts things in perspective and reminds me of just how good we really have it, if we just look for it.  
Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!!  

ONE:  Last weekend we went to our first Royals game of the season and it reminded me just how much I love going to games at the K.  The weather was perfect, tons of friends were there for a tailgate beforehand, we won, and most importantly, it was Buck Night so we ate our fair share of hot dogs 😉
TWO: Lilly for Target.  Dear Lord, I have never done anything like that so I had no idea what to expect, but if you saw my tweet, then you know how I felt about it haha.  It was actually really fun, though I am really glad I got there an hour early otherwise I would have left empty handed!
THREE: As I have mentioned a few times, weekend before last we headed up to Omaha for a friend’s wedding.  Since I had never been before we made sure to leave time to explore.  My favorite part was definitely Old Town.  It was all brick streets and tons of cute shops and bars and restaurants and we just had the best time walking around. 
FOUR: An extra long dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in months.  You know you’ve got a good friendship when you literally haven’t seen each other in months but meet up for dinner and are there three hours just picking up right where you left off!  
FIVE: K-Love Bible Tour Concert.  I went to the Christmas concert back in December with my sissy and we loved it so much I knew I had to go to this one.  It was wonderful, and nice having my huz by my side this time!

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“This gift of freedom gold can’t buy.”
Touch the Sky by Hillsong United
(This song is on major repeat lately!)

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