Rope Swing at Scribe

Happy Friday!!  Today is actually my first day back at work this week (kind of backwards, right?!) but I am looking forward to this weekend as a time to relax here in KC after my trip home to California.  This past week and a half at home was easily some of the best days as of late.  Something about home just puts the soul at peace.  
I will be sharing a full recap next week but until then, here are five of my favorite moments…
ONE: Last Saturday it was perfectly hot out (around 85-90) so we headed to the pool!  It was such a fun day goofing off with my sisters, cannonballing with the Go Pro, shooting each other with water guns, and hacking each other’s Snapchats!

TWO: Bike riding around town.  Taking my cruiser out on the bike path and riding around the town square was always one of my favorite pasttimes, so it was one thing I had to do while I was home. 
*Okay, I need your opinions, is it weird to get dressed up to go for a bike ride?!  Apparently I should be wearing athletic gear (?) but it’s more of a leisurely thing and I often would meet up with friends or grab lunch and definitely see someone I knew (#smalltownproblems) so I never considered not getting dressed up!  Is it weird to bike ride in an open back romper and sandals?  (Say no please haha!) 
THREE: One night, me and my friend went to San Francisco and got to meet up with two of my best friends from high school and meet one of their boyfriends.  It is crazy to think that we go months (sometimes even years) without seeing one another, but when we are together it is like no time has passed except that there are new boyfriends, jobs, etc in the mix!  It was a wonderful evening spent sharing our lives with one another.  True treasures right there.  
FOUR: The Farmer’s Market in my hometown is less of an actual market and more of a town social gathering; it’s an evening full of food trucks, picnics, live bands and of course, some fresh produce booths.  My best friend sent a picture to her husband and he wrote her back “That doesn’t look like a farmer’s market, that looks like a concert!”  Haha!  Anyways, this week was the first of the season and happened to fall on Cinco de Mayo so everyone was out.  We had to laugh at the fact that we spent our Cinco drinking wine and eating cheese platters in the park (only in wine country).  Don’t worry, we made sure to hit up a Mexican restaurant for a margarita nightcap 😉 
FIVE: Since it was my best friend’s first time in Northern California, naturally we had to do a little bit of wine tasting.  The first place we went to, Scribe, was amazing and I could not recommend it enough if you are ever in Sonoma.  The wine was fantastic, our pourer was darling, but most importantly in my mind, the ambiance and views were divine and it also had a rope swing!  I was pretty sure it was Heaven on earth!!  Let’s just say that our tasting was only supposed to be an hour but we ended up there for two because we were having such a great time! 

“I know they say you can’t go home again,
but I just had to come back one last time.”
The House that Built Me by Miranda Lambert


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