Obsessed with sunglasses but don’t have the budget to be buying a new designer pair every season?  Just me?  Didn’t think so!  That’s why I wanted to do a little review of a service I have been using for the past two months to rent sunglasses!
Endless Eyewear is a program designed by DITTO where you can rent designer sunglasses for just $19 a month or prescription glasses for just $29 a month.  You go into the system and choose from one of many pairs by numerous designers and they will be to your door within a few days.  Keep them as long as you want and when you’re ready for a change, simply order a new pair and when those arrive, you have 5 days to send back your old pair.  Shipping is free both ways and in my experience was super quick!
In the past two months, I have tried 7 new pairs and have truly loved getting to try out designers I wouldn’t have otherwise known about (looking at you new favorite brand Illesteva!) as well as simply change up my look every week or so.  
Lucky for you, DITTO has teamed up to give you all a free month to try out the program!  Because I hate hidden disclaimers, I will go ahead and tell you: you will have to put in your billing information and if you do not cancel after a month you will be charged to continue.  I truly think you will love this program but if you really do not want to keep using the service, quitting is very easy.  So go ahead, try it out and let me know what you think!
Read on if you are interested in seeing close ups (aka shameless selfies) of all the pairs I have rented so far along with a quick review of each pair…

I had my eye on this pair of sunglasses for about two years however I could a) never find them in a store to try on and b) could never bring myself to spend the money so I was super excited to have the opportunity to rent them.  The verdict: at first I hated them but within one wear I was sold.  I love the unique shape and how arch kind of gives you “eyebrows” if that makes sense.

These were by far my favorite pair that I rented.  The modern cat eye shape, unrimmed bottom, and light tortoise combined to make a fabulous pair of sunglasses.  I got SO many compliments on these, more than any other pair I have ever worn.  I am now just kicking myself because I found them on sale at Nordstrom soon after renting and they sold out before I could buy!

Another great pair of Karen Walkers.  Pros: The lenses on this pair are incredible.  They cut out all sun and glare!  I wore these to the pool and was shocked because I could lay out right under the sun and still not have to squint.  Cons: I thought these were a little too big for my face.  If you like bigger frames these would be great for you.

Absolutely loved these!  I don’t usually gravitate towards the color green but these were really fun and I found myself reaching for them all the time to finish an otherwise simple look.  When I first took these sunglasses out of the case I was turned off because I thought they felt like cheap plastic but after wearing them for a day I became obsessed!  They are actually incredibly well made and are very sturdy, they are just really light!  Which is really nice especially in the summertime since heavy sunglasses can fall down my nose when it starts getting sweaty (come on, I know it happens to you too! 😉

Absolutely loved the print of these that looked similar to wood.  Also really loved the shape of these.  They are the updated version of the mirrored pair with slightly larger frames.  I actually prefer this larger shape, but unlike the mirrored Leonards, this plastic felt more stiff and a less comfortable.  Still a great pair but I didn’t love them as much as the originals.

Again, love the original Leonards and am clearly newly obsessed with Illesteva!  I liked the unique pairing of tortoise and bright blue of these ones.  Pretty much same review as the matte black + green pair above.  Love love!

This was the first pair that I rented and at the time I loved them but now that I am able to compare to the other pairs I have gotten to try, I liked these the least.  Pros: the slight cat eye edge is really special and I liked the gold details along the nose and corners.  Cons: these frames didn’t fit my face quite right.  These would be great for someone with a more narrow face than myself.
If you’ve made it this far, first of all thank you and second of all congrats, you deserve a free month 😉

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