It must have been a while since I have done one of these link roundups because I have so many good ones to share with you!  I would love to hear your favorites! 🙂
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Finally put together a video of my trip to California. (PS: I make my videos on Photoshop Premiere Elements and it drives me cuh-razy.  It looks clear on my computer but as soon as I upload it, it turns blurry and I have watched multiple videos and nothing seems to work!  Help?!)
On that note, thank you all SO MUCH for your responses to my family’s move as well as my own – your kindness means so much to me.
My favorite summer sandals (that are less than $10 and remind me of this $300 pair) are back in stock!!!  They sold out really quickly the first time!  They run true to size and also come in 5 other colors.
The super efficient app I have been using to make collages on Instagram

A collection of T.Swift’s lyrics that just get us.
Keeping on the quote theme, 32 times One Tree Hill made us all cry.
I want to go back to Cinque Terre right…. NOW!
25 books to read this summer. 
Though not a new song, “Pieces” by Andrew Belle has been on repeat lately.  The “hushed” version is amazing too – I honestly can’t decide which I like better.
An interview with Kiel James Patrick that is as informative as it is inspirational.
I have been a fan of Rocksbox for months now and wrote a review about the service.  Remember you can use the code “marykatherinexoxo” at billing for your first month free!
The other service I am loving: DITTO’s Endless Eyewear program.  Review to come this week but if you’ve already been considering, if you sign up HERE you can get your first month free.
One of the highlights of the first night of The Bachelor(ette) is seeing what job titles these people come up with.  My favorites are always “former (fill in the blank” aka you’re unemployed.
“I been all around this great big world, and I’ve seen all kinds of girls…
I wish they all could be California girls.”
-The Beach Boys

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