As you all have probably noticed based on my Instagram posts and frequent linking to the site in my outfit posts, I am a huge fan of Rocksbox.  If you haven’t already heard about it, here is the low down…
For just $19 a month, you  can rent designer jewelry.  You fill out a style quiz and then have a style consultant who picks out three pieces of designer jewelry at a time (each set is valued at around $200!!) and sends them to you for you to keep as long as you want.  Whenever you are ready for a new set, you just package it all up and send it back.  Then a new set will be sent your way!  You can request specific designers or even wishlist specific pieces.  Shipping is free both ways and most importantly, I think that people think you only get one box a month, but that’s not true!  You can send it back as many times as you want and only pay that flat fee of $19 a month!  I usually get about two boxes a month.  If you love a piece (or two or all three) from your set, you just hold it back and they will charge you, but you get it at a discount from the retail price!
It is a great way to try some designer pieces that you otherwise wouldn’t spend the money on and see if it’s worth the investment, or just hold onto the pieces for a while and then trade them in.  It’s also great if you want to try a bunch of pieces or get bored easily because it gives you an ever rotating jewelry chest.  It’s also a really fun way to build your own collection full of pieces you might not have otherwise tried or discovered!  I have added quite a few pieces to my collection (like this bracelet, this necklace and these earrings) by simply holding them back when I send in my box for a refresh. 
If you’ve been wanting to try the service or think after reading it that you might be interested, then you are in luck because I have a coupon code that will give you your first month free!!  Once you get to the billing page at checkout, if you use the code “marykatherinexoxo” you will get one free month!!
*Now, full disclosure (because as a blog reader I hate when they don’t tell you these things): in order to get the free month, you will have to input your credit card information and if you do not cancel, you will get charged after your free month.  However, it is super easy to cancel and I can almost assure you that you won’t want to cancel 😉  I have been using the service since October if that tells you anything about how great it is!!*
Above are some pictures of my most recent box.  My style consultant really listened when I told her that I wanted more Kendra Scott, Loren Hope, and Gorjana and picked out these three amazing pieces.  I actually loved this box so much that I kept two pieces (the ring and the bangle)!  Hope this gives you a better idea of how the service works and inspires you to give it a try!  If you do, be sure to let me know what you think!


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