One question I get a lot is about what to wear to work.  As you probably know I work in the corporate world and while we don’t have to wear pant suits, jeans are not allowed either.  Today I wanted to share a look I wore last week to hopefully lead you in the right direction. 
When it comes to getting ready for work, I have a few “uniforms” of sorts that I rely on to help me get ready faster (because I am all about my sleep).  One of my combos goes like this: skirt (or these pants), silky top, jacket.  It’s basically foolproof.  The silk top below is actually a sleeveless tank making it not exactly work appropriate on its own.  One piece of advice is to make sure to have a few jackets, cardigans, and blazers in your closet so that you can incorporate those “weekend” tanks into your work wardrobe. 
Lastly, I almost always wear my hair up during the week.  I try to put heat on it as little as possible as it’s gotten a little fried over the past few years, and also I don’t want to waste any of that glorious sleeping time on getting ready so I usually just skip that step and throw it up in a topknot or low bun.
For more inspiration, be sure to check out this post I did a while back about the items I think every working girl needs in her closet! (Apologizing now for the crazy amateur graphic, eek!)


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