The work week following a holiday or vacation always feels so long, amiright?!  This one seemed to drag on and on and on but there were enough fun and exciting things (read: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) that it kind of made up for it.  I hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend!

ONE: Fourth of July weekend.  Since I was a kid, this has been my favorite holiday and it was fun this year being able to celebrate it just with Matt doing our own thing.  We did get to meet up with a few friends who happened to also be up in Michigan one afternoon for some beach time but other than that it was him and me, the road, and a handful of beach towns.  It was perfect!
TWO: On Sunday we snuck into a pool at an apartment complex here in town and it. was. glorious *insert praise hands*  It was the one actually hot day we have had in SB (it just doesn’t get that hot here and has been really rainy) and we just basked and read books!
THREE: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  I didn’t have the card last year and felt like I missed out on some great stuff so this year I made sure I had the debit card so that I could get early access which opened yesterday and man, am I glad I did!!  I saved my shopping budget for the past two months so that I could take advantage of my favorite sale of the year and cannot wait for my items to arrive.  You can see what I bought at the bottom of this post.
FOUR: I opened my mailbox one day this week to find a surprise package, only to open it and find that it was fancy rice krispy treats with my face on them!  Haha!  Literally, that picture I have as my profile picture on all my social media was printed on these treats.  It was the funniest and greatest surprise delivery ever!  And delicious too 😉  Definitely keeping that one in my back pocket to surprise someone else at some point!
FIVE: After Krista raved about the show UnREAL I started it this week and am hooked!  It totally throws off everything I ever thought about The Bachelor franchise shows, it’s absolutely crazy!
Favorite post of the week: Splurge vs. Save
Best post from around the web this week: 5 Steps to Decorating a Home – Katey McFarlan of Chronicles of Frivolity
Song of the week: No Words – Erik Hassle

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