It’s Friday and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now open to the public, can I get a “woop woop”?!  *in background “woop woop”*
While this week was a mellow one until last night (see more below 😉 it was a good one.  Here’s to a good weekend of hopefully some good weather!  But seriously this town never gets warm.  Come on SB I know you can do it 😉

ONE: The best part of my week, hands down, no doubt about it: booking my plane ticket to head to NEW YORK FOR FASHION WEEK!!!  I am so excited I can’t even contain myself and cannot wait to be back in my favorite city! 
TWO: My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale purchases came in which was very exciting!  Since we don’t have a Nordstrom around us (gasp!) I over-ordered knowing that I could return anything that didn’t fit, for free!
The items I kept included these suede bootiesthese leather bootiesthis swing dressthis puffy winter coat, and this belted quilted coat.  Unfortunately I had to send back the two hats I ordered, major sad face!  I ordered this one and this one, and they are darling, but I have the world’s smallest head and they were way too big.  If you have a normal or even big head they will be perfect on you and I highly recommend!
THREE: Matt and I went white water rafting at a short course here over the weekend, it’s only about 5-9 minutes long but you can do it as many times as you want.  Well seeing as we tipped our raft before we even got halfway down the first time and I lost my breath because the water was so cold and I legit thought I was going to drown, we only did it twice before calling it good but it was honestly so much fun!
FOUR: Finally found the perfect pink lipstick (not pastel, not bright, right in the middle) which is truly a feat!  The color I went with: Pony by ColourPop and it cost me a whopping, wait for it… five dollars!  That’s right folks, less than a latte from Starbs.  You have to go watch this video that my friend from high school made because she freaking sold me on this product (and she is hilarious).  I am actually about to go order a bunch more because I am that obsessed! 
FIVE: I honestly worry for Matt when I am pregnant because even now, not pregnant, I get these intense food cravings where I legitimately HAVE to have that food otherwise I won’t stop craving it until I have it.  The other day it was sushi and to our surprise, there was an incredible place walking distance from our apartment, score!

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