Anyone else have the problem that if there is a more expensive and a less expensive item placed in front of them that look very similar, they will always pick the more expensive one?  Just me?  Bueller?!  So yes, I have this problem, but luckily there are so many great similar items out these days that are nearly as good as their more expensive counterparts.  All of the “save” items below ring in under $100!

A few notes about some of the pieces below:

  • My little sister has that white dress on the far right and I love it – see this post.  It is a Topshop piece so you should order the size in parentheses.  
  • The ripped black jeans on the far left are the ones I have and wear all the time.  They are my absolute favorites and I actually plan to invest in a blue denim pair of Frames after having these, but I realize they are pricey so I wanted to find a dupe for you guys since I wear mine so much on here.  The similar pair is by Topshop so again order the size in parentheses.  
  • I own the “save” pair of mirrored aviators and they are much brighter in person – see this post.
  • The “save” flamingo dress is from an overseas company.  I have not ordered from this specific company before but have many friends who have and recommend it, but as with all other overseas company, I would pay the extra for express shipping because otherwise it can take 3 weeks!

And lastly, if you love a good chance to save when it comes to fashion, head’s up that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts tomorrow for cardholders!  I have the debit card and definitely recommend it.  It just links up to your bank account, so it’s not like a credit card but you get all the benefits like Nordstrom Notes and of course, early access to this sale.  If you do not have a card, you will not be able to shop this sale until July 17th at which point a lot of items are already sold out, plus there are always a few items exclusive for cardholders.  If you are interested, you can sign up for a card here.  This sale is my favorite of the year because as opposed to other major sales this one is not discounts on previous season items, but rather discounts on items that you will wear for the upcoming season so this is the perfect chance to stock up for fall and winter.  You can get ahead of the game and save money at the same time!  Win-win!!!

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Red Flats: Splurge | Save
White Shirtdress: Splurge | Save
Palm Print Jumpsuit/Romper: Splurge | Save
Leather Tote: Splurge | Save
Espadrille Wedges: Splurge | Save
Studded Espadrille Sandals: Splurge | Save
Embroidered White Dress: Splurge | Save
Flamingo Dress: Splurge | Save
Black Ripped Denim: Splurge | Save
Mirrored Aviators: Splurge | Save
Beaded Sandals: Splurge | Save

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