A few weeks ago, I did a review of some of the sunglasses I had recently rented through my favorite subscription service DITTO, and you all responded well to it so I thought I would do another round today.  

If you are still unfamiliar with DITTO, it is basically like Netflix for sunglasses.  For just $19 a month you can rent designer sunglasses, as many trades as you want, free shipping both ways.  So if you are indecisive, don’t have $200+ dollars to drop on a pair of sunglasses, or like me and just like options, this is a great service for you.  I have tried a few subscription services and this is by far my favorite one (just ask Matt, I rave about it all the time haha!).
You can read more about it in my last review HERE or just email me (mkminnisGHL@gmail.com) with any questions!  If you are interested in trying it out, then you’re in luck because I have teamed up with the folks at DITTO to offer you a month to try it out for free!  Just use the code GOLDHATTEDLOVER at checkout – I think you need to do it all caps just FYI.
Now that we’ve got that out of the way 😉 I wanted to show you the past few pairs I have gotten since my last roundup.  So if you’re interested in seeing them and my honest review of each, then read on!


My favorite pair of the past month!  The black and grey were a nice twist on the typical brown tortoise and the shape was really flattering.  The lenses were slightly reflective so that they weren’t super trendy but still had that modern flair.
My least favorite of the past month.  While I loved the shape – semi-cat eye without having to completely commit – I think I just have big cheeks so these didn’t ever feel like they were sitting right on my face.
Loved this pair!  I liked the smaller wayfarer-like shape and the pink color was so fun – they reminded me of something Julia Engel would wear.  Even though they are colored, I felt like I could wear them with everything.  Maybe pink is actually a neutral?!   
DITTO recently started carrying Prada and I was super excited because I have been seeing these glasses all over the internet and think the gold brow bar is just so cool and was pumped to be able to rent them!  It was hard to get my hands on them since everyone else apparently had the same idea so these were only available in grey for me to try.  Honestly, I don’t really like them (which is why renting is so great!) but I do think that the verdict could be totally different for the black pair.  I will admit that they grew on me but overall, I think I just don’t like the light frames as much for such a bold pair of sunglasses.  I will also say that the quality of these isn’t anything to write home about which blows my mind since they are nearly $300.  Again, a benefit of being able to rent as opposed to buying!


Once again, I can’t recommend DITTO enough and if you want to try it for yourself, just use the code GOLDHATTEDLOVER for your first month free!


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