I am actually sad to see this week go because it was my last week before another busy season starts at work, womp womp, and also because my huz is headed out of town for the next few days.  Any fun suggestions for things to do when you’re all alone by yourself for four days?!  Send those my way please and thank you!

Hope you all have more fun plans than I do, so far all I have is read and clean haha!


ONE: Over the weekend, we hit up another beach – surprise, surprise – this time with a huge group from Matt’s MBA program and it was an absolute blast.  The day was filled with beach walks, party floats, flip cup, stand-up paddle boarding, BBQ, s’mores, and probably the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen (unfortunately my phone had already died so I will try to get it from someone else and Instagram it – it was that pretty!).  One of those days I wanted to do over and over again.

TWO: I hit 5,000 followers on Instagram this week!  I have absolutely loved getting to connect to and even make friends with so many people through that platform so Matt and I made a point to celebrate it with a little Thai dinner!
THREE: Earlier this week I had to head into Chicago for a work and my train got in before 7 AM (don’t even ask what time I had to get up to leave SB…) and conveniently came into Millennium Station so obviously I went over to The Bean.  That thing never gets old to me, I could entertain myself there for hours!  It was cool too because there were only like three people there because it was so early, really surreal seeing it empty!
FOUR: Saturday morning, Matt and I both got up really early so we decided to make the most of the morning and get stuff done.  We grabbed coffee and picked a spot outside to take advantage of the gorgeous weather we have been having.  I felt so productive with all of the things I accomplished before 10 AM!
FIVE: Matt’s program wrapped up it’s summer semester this week so some of the girls planned this super fun party at a local park.  I’m talking BBQ, bags, ladder ball, and even a relay.  It’s been so fun meeting new people and I loved getting to hang out with them and celebrate their first completed semester.  Before we know it, it will be graduation and we will be on to the next adventure!

Favorite post of the week: Birthday beach day at Silver Beach
Best post from around the web this week: Vintage photos of celebrities on the beach
Obsession of the week: Halo Top Ice Cream

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