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It’s Friday!  You know when you have a really fun and jam packed weekend and go into the week really tired and it crawls by?  Wellll weirdly enough, this week seemed to fly by!  It felt like as soon as the day started it was over again and I had barely gotten anything accomplished!  But that’s always how the busy times go, am I right?

I hope this week was a great one for you and that you enjoy the weekend, hoping for warm summer-y weather wherever you are!

ONE: Sunday after Mass, Matt and I were chatting over brunch and he asked what I had planned that day.  I told him I needed to get ahead on the week since I was gone all Saturday, but when he suggested a beach day, I quickly shoved all those plans to the back burner and to the beach we went
TWO: Create + Cultivate.  At this point, I have talked about it so much I will just link you to the recap in case you somehow missed it: HERE.  But it was so amazing and left me feeling so connected and inspired!
THREE: Getting to meet some of my favorite bloggers like AmberRachelMargo, and Emily.  In my head I am best friends with them 😉 so it was so nice meeting them and finding that they are super personable and just chatted with me like old friends!  They were all so sweet!
FOUR: Sadly it’s definitely starting to get darker earlier, but the good part about humidity is that it means it is still pretty warm out even after the sun goes down.  So Matt and I have enjoyed some night walks around campus, taking in the last days of my favorite season.
FIVE: Matt has talked about starting a blog of his own for a while now about finance.  Well, he finally did it!  It’s been cute as he asks for my help in designing the blog, formatting pictures, etc.  If you’re more interested in finance and stock valuation than fashion, you should check it out!
Favorite post of the week: Back to School Style Inspiration
Best post from around the web this week: How to Copyright your Images

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