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Welp, you may be able to tell from the fact that this post is so late in going up that it’s been a long week over here.  Infinitely ready for the work day to be over so I can go to bed by like 6 o’clock.  Might even skip dinner I am that desperate!  Hope the week has gone quicker for you and that you have a fun weekend planned!

ONE: There have been multiple “welcome back” barbecues on campus in the past week and it’s been fun seeing people again and of course, free food.  Some of these barbecues we went to we were invited to and some we weren’t – muahaha!
TWO: Along with everyone coming back to campus, there was a welcome back event for the MBA students last night.  It was fun meeting some of the new students as well as the second years, but let’s be real, for the most part we hung with who we knew.  Then we tried to hit up an undergrad club (like who are we?) but the line was far too long so we just went for a little joyride around town with the music on.  Sometimes you’ve just got to improvise.
THREE: We had a cold front come through and it’s been in the 60s.  Which had me pulling out the sweaters and booties in all of two seconds (can’t handle the cold) but I will admit it was kind of fun!  I mean, I am sure I will be over it in about two weeks so hopefully it warms up again, but for a few days I enjoyed the cooler temps.
FOUR: Got a new Notre Dame shirt (which my little sisters confirmed is pretty freaking sweet, success!) over the weekend because, wait for it… the first home game is next weekend!!!  Like what the what?!  Blowing my mind that fall is here and that the beach weekends are a thing of the past (sad day) but super excited because I have never been to an ND game and now I’m all fancy with a season ticket 😉
FIVE: One night this week I randomly craved chia seed pudding, like who craves that?!  But as a healthier alternative to my usually-preferred cookies and brownies, I rushed to the store and whipped some up.  This time around I tried a different recipe that called for half almond milk, half greek yogurt and I thought the tangier taste and thicker texture was actually way better than the original.  You should try it!
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Obsession of the week: Chia Seed Pudding
Song of the week: Silence.  Sometimes I just need it.


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