Today I am super excited because I am going to be doing a little hair tutorial, introducing you to my new favorite hair products and tools, and also giving you a coupon to get them for yourself!
I have only ever used a curling wand – I never did master the traditional curling iron – and have tried a handful of different brands.  I thought that I liked them just fine but when I started hearing people raving about NuMe I decided to give it a shot and am so glad I did!
What finally sold me was when one of my best friends told me that she felt like her hair wasn’t getting as damaged with NuMe as with other wands and also that she felt that her hair looked shinier when using her NuMe wand.  As someone who is a dyed blonde I am all about minimizing the damage to my hair.  Ever since using the NuMe wand, I can attest to what she said.  I honestly feel that this wand is so much nicer to my hair and yet it provides a natural curl that holds all day and into the next.
If you’re interested in hearing all about this magical wand, seeing a step-by-step tutorial of how I curl my hair (with extensions), and interested in a coupon code to get one for yourself, just read on!

The particular wand I have is the Titan 3 in Pink and I love it.  It has three interchangeable pure titanium-infused barrels – 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm.  It is great because this one tool can give you tight curls or beach waves, just depending which barrel you use and you don’t have to buy multiple different wands.  It’s genius for people like me who are short on space!
I also want to make note of the NuMe Argan Oil which is uh-mazing!  Everyone the past few years has been talking about how you need to use oils when you do your hair, but I was always skeptical because I have naturally greasy hair so I was never willing to invest in one.  I eventually gave in and tried a cheap one from Target and it was fine but I never felt like it really did anything.  Well folks, this one is truly incredible.  I add the tiniest bit through my damp hair before I blowdry and it makes my hair feel so luxurious!  It almost feels like a deep conditioner on my hair all throughout the day.  I also use it after I style to tame any frizz, especially at my ends (hello split ends, I need a haircut) and at the top (need to stop ratting around my crown).  It’s expensive but in my experience 100% worth it and significantly better than an inexpensive one from the drug store.
Now onto the tutorial.  First things first, I am no pro at doing this.  It was kind of awkward doing my hair while being photographed and there are a few shots I wish we had gotten that we missed but whatever.  Also, I am fully aware that my roots are insane, but I am holding out to get my hair done before my NY trip haha!
BEFORE: This is my hair before any styling.  Air dried, lifeless, no extensions for volume.
To start, I section my hair horizontally so that I am working with only a few inches at a time, and pin up the excess.  I then start taking sections about 1-1.5″ wide and curl away from my face.  I keep the last inch or so off the barrel so as to not get any heat.  This addes a nice texture and keeps the curls from looking too much like ringlets.  
Repeat all the way around.  When I get to the back of my head, I start back up at the front on the other side, always keeping the wand pointing down and curling away from my face.
*I use clip-in extensions simply for volume since I have very thin hair.  I just use 2 wefts clipped onto one another for a subtle increase in volume.  If you don’t use extensions, then just skip these steps.  My extensions are made of human hair so I can style them just as I would the rest of my hair.*
I have found that it is easiest to curl them before clipping them but it’s impossible to hold both ends and curl at the same time, so enter this genius invention: the hanger! 😉  Simply clip extensions on hanger and curl sections inward aka away from your face.  Once completed, clip into hair at appropriate height.
Continue letting down sections of hair and curling in chunks of 1-1.5″ until you are finished.  This is what my hair looks like when it is fully curled.  However, I am not done quite yet!  These curls are a little too tight for my liking as I prefer a more natural wave.
First spray your hair with one coat of hairspray.  Then take a brush and lightly comb through your curls to break them up.  Sometimes I will use a sea salt spray which I will spray into my hair or into my palm and scrunch through my ends.  I will then always finish by using the NuMe Argan Oil to comb through my ends and smooth down flyaways at my crown.
AFTER:  This is the finished product and the way I curl my hair any time I do it which is basically every weekend since I try not to put much heat on it during the week!
Now for the best part – the folks at NuMe have been so kind as to offer my readers a special discount so that you can get a wand of your own or try any of their other products!  With the coupon codes, these come out to quite the deal.  My set retails for $199, but with the codes you can get it for just $99.  That’s essentially less than $100 for three curling wands!  Anyways, I will stop raving and let you browse yourself and see which product you have to have 😉
40% OFF HOT TOOLS (Excludes haircare, accessories, and seasonal catalog) + FREE SHIPPING TO THE US
Hope you enjoyed this post and that it was helpful to you.  I personally didn’t learn how to curl my hair until less than two years ago so I am still always curious how other people do it and what products and tools they use, so I hope you like it!

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