Growing up my mom sold Mary Kay so you would think I had always loved makeup but to be honest, I was just a creature of habit.  I knew the one mascara I liked, the one eyeliner, etc, and I never veered from them.  Well over the past few years I have started experimenting more and have found so many amazing products this way.  I am still a creature of habit, but nowadays I am loyal because I have tried so many other options and truly think I have found the best.

One of my favorite print artists, Evelyn Henson, has a series aptly entitled “Beauty Obsessions” and I am so excited to announce that her and I teamed up to share mine!  Head over HERE to her blog to see all my favorites and why I love them so much!
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While you’re there, be sure to check out her shop.  I discovered her through Instagram and have been obsessed ever since.  I now own three or four of her prints, including one of her infamous map prints.  They are great sentimental pieces for places where you get engaged or married, went to college, or as housewarming gifts or going away momentos! 

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