After a whirlwind long weekend in New York City for Fashion Week I am back to real life.  Reality punched me right in the face as I returned to 14 hour days in the audit room as we wrap up a job, and man, my eyes have never been so bloodshot.  I still have so much to share about my time out for NYFW, but today I wanted to share some of my favorite moments that weren’t fashion week related, but simply the little things from the trip that meant so much to me.
Have a great weekend!




ONE: Met up with my best friend from high school who now lives in the city.  We enjoyed an amazing dinner together (until we realized that it was cash only and we didn’t have enough and he had to run to the ATM haha #embarassing) and then drinks afterwards which were some of the best I have ever had.  Thankful for those friendships that never fade and that we are able to take each other into the new parts of our lives as we grow up.
TWO: It was definitely surreal being in New York City on September 11th, and while I didn’t feel quite up to going through the museum, I knew I had to go down and walk in the shadow of the tower.  Coming up from the subway and turning around to be surprised with the Freedown Tower right before my eyes and then walking around through Lower Manhattan on a gorgeous clear 9/11 night as the Freedom Tower dominated the sky, that was a pretty magical moment.
THREE: While it is a dream to live in New York, one nice thing about just visiting is that any time I am in the city, I don’t have to work and be places at certain times etc so I can take the scenic route.  I definitely took advantage of that and walked as much as possible, even if it was 30 minutes or further.  There is always something to see in NYC!
FOUR: Dinner with a great group of girls at Cookshop.  If you are ever in NYC and find yourself in the Chelsea area in the evening, you should definitely give it a visit.  We decided to try a whole bunch of things and share it all, and we were not disappointed by anything!  The cheesecake ice cream was one of the best desserts I have ever had!
FIVE: Finally got to explore Brooklyn a little more which was such a treat!  Brooklyn Bridge Park has been my favorite for quite some time since it has the best view of the skyline that makes my heart flutter every time, but I had never really been much further than that.  This time around I got to see more of the neighborhoods and fell in love!  I decided that BK has the charm of NYC without all the mayhem.  Definitely have to explore more next time!
Favorite post of the week: Wide leg trousers in SoHo
Best post from around the web this week: The best street style at NYFW
Obsession of the week: External Chargerthis saved me since my phone was always dying from the pictures, Instagram, Twitter, etc!
Song of the week: Bad Chick by SoMo



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