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An outfit doesn’t always need to be new or novel to be a great one.  Sometimes being a repeat offender isn’t a bad thing, it means you loved it so much the first time that it was worth a second shot!
Today I am rounding up a few looks that I wore last fall that I think are worth repeating and offering some style tips on how to re-create them yourselves. It’s always good to have a few outfits that you know work or formulas that never let you down.  While a lot of these items are old, I linked to current ones that would give a similar look or the exact ones if they happened to still be available.  Hope these offer some inspiration!
Plaid and a Bow Tie: A plaid flannel goes hand in hand with fall, but to keep it from looking too casual, dress it up with a pussy bow, skirt, and riding boots.
Printed Loafers and Plaid Scarf: The easiest fall combination: jeans and a sweater.  To keep it from being too simple, I chose jeans with distressed details and printed shoes and scarf but in a neutral palette to keep the classic vibes intact.

Striped Turtleneck and Patterned Shirtdress: Spice up an otherwise neutral look by mixing prints.  Layer a striped turtleneck under a patterned shirtdress and depending on the weather, a cardigan adds another layer of warmth.

Leather Leggings and an Oversized Sweater: Leather or liquid leggings are a fall/winter staple.  Paired with an oversized sweater, it is an easy and comfortable look.  Just remember that your sweater should cover your booty (or at least most of it)!

Colored Wool Skirt and Riding Boots: A wool skirt is a seasonal staple, but get one in a bright hue to brighten up the gloomy days.  Pair it with riding boots and a blazer for an equestrian touch.

Statement Flats and a Fur Vest: Dress up an otherwise casual look with some statement flats and a fur vest.  Casual does not have to mean boring!

Do you have a particular fall uniform that you love?  If you’re a fellow blogger, feel free to leave a link to your favorite fall look – I would love to check it out!

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