Every year around this time I start making a mental list of what boots I have and which types I am lacking.  Got to have all the essentials: flat booties, heeled booties, riding boots, bean boots, etc.  For years I lusted after the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands and until I found a dupe pair on eBay for so much less last year (and bought them for myself as a gift from Matt 😉 I considered over-the-knee boots to be a “want”.  However, once they came, I determined them to be a “need”, one of those essentials that every girl should have in her closet.
Due to the shaft height, OTK boots are super warm and the flat pairs are insanely comfortable.  Plus, as long as you apply a suede protectant spray, they are fine to wear in light rain and snow – I never wear mine if it is straight up nasty out, but at least I don’t have to worry if it starts to drizzle while wearing them.
I know that the SWs are still outside many people’s price range and while I do think that they are a worthy investment, I have found that designers have released a ton of dupes this year.  Below I have rounded up three of the most popular pairs by Stuart Weitzman along with the best dupe in shape and color.  Also below that, you’ll find other colors and pairs that I didn’t include in the graphic.  Hope you find a pair you love at a price you love!

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*UPDATE: I previously linked a pair from Choies, but I ordered them myself and was horrified by the quality, they were terrible!!!  So please do not order them.  I recommend the ones from Amazon – they are listed in both tannish grey (low + heeled) and black (low + heeled) – I have the low ones in both black and tan and can’t recommend them enough, especially at that price of under $100!*


Lowlands + Dupes


Highland + Dupes


5050 + Dupes
More Styles…