A night walk along the river in Chicago with Matt when we arrived back from Kansas City

After being gone for a week and a half in Kansas City, we are finally back home and I am more tired than ever haha!  Anyone else come back from a vacation thinking they need another vacation??

Some highlights from our weekend in Kansas, a couple days in Chicago, and the past few days back in SB…  Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend!!!

*Please forgive me for being so long-winded but I think of you all as friends so I write the way I would talk to you so sometimes it just comes out and I don’t want to try to edit it down!*

ONE: The Royals made it to the World Series (again)!!!  Matt and I got super lucky because the clinching game was while we were in town last Friday and at the last minute his uncle offered us his extra tickets.  We had planned to just watch at a sports bar so it was quite the upgrade!  It was an absolute blast and such a surreal experience to be there as they won the pennant.  Now every night literally revolves around watching the games.  As in, last night there was no game so we watched a 30 minute highlight video as we ate dinner hahaha.
TWO: Another big highlight from last weekend and the main reason we went down to KC was Homecoming at our alma mater, Benedictine College.  We never did make it in to the football game but had so much fun tailgating and seeing so many friends who came back to town.  Plus, the weather was pretty perfect and campus looked absolutely gorgeous in all its fall glory.
Oh and while we were there I also finally got my hands on this exclusive sweatshirt I had been wanting.  Bear with me, while I was a student I was a part of a group called Gregorian Fellows and in the years since I graduated they now get these sweet sweatshirts as a group so I asked the dean if I could have one in retrospect and he hooked me up!!
THREE: I get a LOT of questions about my tan-grey over-the-knee boots that I wore in a post earlier this week.  They are a dupe of the Stuart Weitzman Lowlands that I bought off eBay last year and everyone is always really skeptical because the sizing is weird, they don’t offer returns, and they ship out of China but I swear they are so legit.  (In fact, three friends have bought them on my recommendation and been so impressed.)  Anyways, earlier this week a blog reader emailed me and told me that she had done some searching and found my exact pair on Amazon!!!  This is huge because Amazon allows returns should you need to and wayyy faster shipping.  If you’ve been thinking about OTK boots but don’t want to spend $800 (who does?!) please do yourself a favor and ORDER THESE!  I already did… because obviously I also need them in black 😉  Update: they are selling out super quickly so don’t wait!
FOUR: Earlier in the week I went into Chicago for a work dinner and it was sooo amazing!  It was a celebratory end-of-audit dinner which we usually go all out for.  Well I looked the place up and it looked like just a nice Mexican place so I wasn’t expecting much, but man was I wrong!!  Our manager had rented out the test kitchen where they do all the trials for Rick Bayless’s cookbooks and restaurant menus!  There was a long table in there and we had a private chef, bartender and even a sommelier there that served us up chips and guac, margaritas, a five course meal, and wine pairings for everything.  If you are ever looking for a private event, highly recommend The Library at Topolobampo!
FIVE: Finally, one of the best parts of coming home after being gone a while is the pile up of packages!  Well until there are boxes and trash everywhere…  But anyways, I came home to a lot of great stuff that I can’t wait to share, but some of my absolute favorites are this gold mesh watch, this corduroy skirt, these bedazzled loafers, and these Miu Miu sunglasses that I rented from DITTO.  Remember you can get your first month free to rent designer sunglasses!!!  Just use the code GOLDHATTEDLOVER at checkout.


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