Happy Friday!  It’s actually been a fairly quick and easy week over here (oh how I wish they were all like that!) but I am looking forward to the weekend: another home football game and a great fall weather forecast (65 and sunny).  I hope the week was as painless for you and if not, that the weekend is a great reprieve. 
Sharing five highlights from the week…

ONE: This week has been really light for work and I’ve been able to work from home, which meant that I finally (8 years later) got into Gossip Girl.  I finished the first season in two days if that tells you how little work I got done and how obsessed I have become.
TWO: Yesterday I went into Chicago to work for the day.  The downside to days I work in the city is that my train gets in at 7, a good hour and a half before anyone else gets to the office.  The upside to that is that I get to stroll the empty streets, coffee in hand, the city all to myself.
THREE: The past few weekends have been really packed over here, with my trip to New York and multiple home games, this past weekend was our first quieter weekend and it was glorious.  We spent our nights in watching movies, going to cafes late at night, and watching the ND game with a group of friends.  It was just what I needed after the non-stop craziness of the past month.
FOUR: Finished “The Girl on the Train” and cannot recommend it enough.  I finished it in only a few days and that’s saying a lot because I am the world’s slowest reader (Matt always makes fun of me!)  At the end I stayed up until 2:30 so that I could finish it, it was addicting!
FIVE: Started my new “Travel Tuesdays” series which I am really excited about.  I have been meaning to start sharing more travel posts and have guides to San Francisco, Napa, and Sonoma saved in word docs on my computer that I send to anyone who ever asks for recommendations but as of yet, hadn’t shared them on the blog.  So I am looking forward to eventually getting around to those!  Also planning to share a post on how I packed for NYFW without checking any bags!  Let me know if there are any specific travel posts you would like to see. 
Favorite post from the week: My itinerary from New York Fashion Week
Best article from the web this week: The 10 best candles for Fall
Obsession of the week: Gossip Girl
Song of the week: Everytime – Lincoln Hawk
  • I never watched Gossip Girl either but know that if I did, I would love it – I keep meaning to watch it on Netflix!! Have a great weekend!


  • Please add some European cities to your Travel Tuesday list as well!! I remember you sent me a London doc a while back (still have it for when we book our trip for the spring!)

  • What a gorgeous pic of Chicago! And I love Gossip Girl…I'm highly considering watching the whole series again!

  • This is such a gorgeous picture of the city. I love walking near the Wrigley building when I'm down there because I think you get a beautiful view of the river looking south west. I would love to be able to take strolls with less people around; it sounds like a dream!


  • I'm glad you loved the book! I didn't want it to end. I can't believe you are just now starting Gossip Girl…I've watched it all 4 times through!

  • That is seriously the prettiest picture of Chicago! The city with those clouds look amazing. Perfect capture! <3