FRIDAY FIVE – 11/13/15.

FRIDAY FIVE – 11/13/15.

This weekend is Notre Dame’s last home football game which is bittersweet – I will be happy to have my weekends back but sad that we won’t be in the student section doing push-ups after every touchdown again.  This has been such a fun chapter in our lives while Matt is in grad school, getting to go to all the games and take part in the experience.

I hope you all have an equally fun weekend and will see you back here next week!

Some highlights from the past week…


ONE: New music.  A co-worker sent me tons of new music that has made my work days so much better.  There’s nothing like some new tunes to reinvigorate your day!  If you are in need of work music (not too fast, not too slow) my favorites were this onethis one, and this one.

TWO: My littlest sisters sent over their Christmas lists and it got me so excited!!!  I know it’s still a little early and I am by no means trying to overlook Thanksgiving, but I love all things Christmas-related so opening my email to find those really pumped me up for the season ahead!  Plus, I was super impressed with them, I have all of zero idea what I want this year…
THREE: Now that it gets dark soooo dang early, I rarely get to enjoy the sunsets that I love so much.  So I was really excited this week when I got out of work early one day to catch the train and it was right at that sweet time when the sun was falling.  Dusk looks good on you, Chicago!
FOUR: I’ve decided that naps are what my weekend dreams are made of.  And two in one weekend?  Yeah, don’t judge.  I feel like such a loser for loving naps this much but the more time I spend in my bed, the better the weekend 😉  Who else is lazy and with me on this one?!
FIVE: Now that the temperatures have dropped, I’ve been enjoying the chance to bring out my boots, longline cardigans, and scarves!  The cold always makes me anticipate the holidays!
Favorite post from this week: What I consider to be “closet basics”
Obsession of the week: Bubble Tea
Song of the week: Codes by Ellie Goulding – a jam!

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