Can you even believe how quickly the holiday season sprung upon us?  I know some people say not to rush Christmas and all that… but I’m of the opinion that if we don’t start embracing it now, before we know it, it’s over!  So yeah I’ve been listening to Justin Bieber’s Christmas album and have started planning gifts and outfits, SUE ME!
I am hoping to bring some fun and most importantly, helpful, holiday content for you during the months of November and December.  If you have anything in particular you want me to share (gift guides, outfit inspiration for different events, anything) just let me know!


First up, a sweet reader asked me for inspiration for extra gifts to have on hand for giving.  You know those times… someone kindly gives you a gift but you are left feeling guilty because you didn’t get them anything (awk sauce), or you’re headed over to someone’s house and you want to have a gift to bring along, or your gift friends decide to host a gift exchange – and you need a gift STAT.  Well below are some gifts I think would be great to stock up on so that you have them on hand when you need them!  When you are in that moment of desperation you will be sooo glad you don’t have to run out at the last minute to try to find a gift!
Growing up my mom always had a big bag full of extra gifts for situations just like the ones I described, and I can’t tell you how many times it saved us!  She also taught me the brilliance of gift packs – they can be broken up or given as one bigger gift, depending on what you need, which is why you’ll see a lot of gift packs in the collage below.

Read on for specifics and some more suggestions!


Portable Charger: I have this one and LOVE it.  It is so small but holds over one extra charge.  I always take mine around with me on tailgate days!

Nail Polish: Stock up on your personal favorite colors, or purchase a few gift sets so you have options.  You can break up the set or gift it as a whole.
Candles: Again, I pictured a set because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk and you can break up the set, but yummy candles are always a welcome gift.  Pair them with a cute matchbook for a charming touch.
Lip Gloss: What girl doesn’t love a new lip color?  That’s rhetorical.  A new lip gloss is always a good idea and the nude colors in the set above are just stunning.
Infused Oils/Vinegars: These are great for friends who love to cook, or as a hostess gift.  The spicy chile oil is amazing on top of pizza!  They do it at every place in Italy, I don’t know why the US hasn’t hopped on that bandwagon yet!
Cocktail Books: Again, great as a hostess gift but this one is also great because it’s unisex.  So whether you need a last minute gift for that guy you’re talking to, your neighbor, or your co-worker, this one would be perfect.  You could even gift it with some mini bottles!
Bath Bombs: Another gift that never fails and another set that can be broken up.  Pair it with your new favorite book, and a mini bottle of wine, I think this would make a perfect gift for any new mom or friend who works way too much.
Lotions: Another set, surprise.  I always keep a bottle of lotion by my bedside I love when it has a really nice smell.  This set has a bunch of different scents which gives you flexibility based on the person’s preferences.  Would be great paired with one of those nail polishes!
Journal: If you’ve got a friend who loves to write or is the sentimental type, a journal would be a great gift.  This particular one is nice because it only requires one line a day rather than a whole long entry.  I think this would make a great gift for a newlywed or new mom to keep track of that special time when their lives are changing.
Travel-Size Perfumes: Why are perfumes so insanely expensive?!  I don’t think we will ever get to the bottom of that mystery, but alas, I love travel-size perfumes because they allow you to try a new scent without committing to the price tag.  I love that these Tory Burch ones actually look like mini bottles, but rollerball perfumes are another great option!
Stationery: Pretty stationery is a solid last-minute gift.  Handwritten notes are an area in which our generation is lacking and everyone loves receiving a note, so this might just spur someone in a good habit 😉
BBQ Sauce Set: While everyone appreciates some good barbeque, this one would be particularly good for any men.  Break apart the set and pair it with a gift card to a local butcher shop for a gift that’s sure to be a hit!
Earrings: Jewelry is a great gift to have on hand because unlike clothes, they are one size fits all.  Both Kendra Scott and Kate Spade make seriously adorable studs that are a reasonable price that anyone would love to receive.
Lip Scrub: Because sometimes a girl just needs a little pampering!  This one is a great size and comes in a few indulgent flavors. Would be perfect paired with a lipstick or gloss.
Mac ‘Rebel’: This shade has been dubbed “the color that is flattering to all skin tones” which makes it a great gift to have on hand because you won’t have to worry if it will look good on the person you are gifting – it’s practically guaranteed.  This color is also great because you can build it from a light berry color to a deep vampy hue just by applying more or less or lightly blotting with a paper towel.
Lipstick Queen ‘Frog Prince’: I know, I know, the green color looks terrifying but hear me out.  This lipstick is formulated to go on clear and then reacts with your pH level to create the perfect pink hue for you.  The color will be completely unique to you!  I haven’t tried this brand before (but my friend did a review HERE) but I’ve tried a similar green lipstick before and it was incredible!



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