Men… why are they so hard to shop for?!  I swear I can figure out gifts for everyone else, but always struggle when it comes to Matt and my dad.  After searching around, inquiring of Matt, and thinking back on some of the gifts Matt has loved and used the most, I’ve compiled this gift guide for the men in your life. 
Read on for specifics and even more suggestions!
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* = Husband Owned and Approved
Yeti Cooler: Known as the best on the market these coolers can keep ice for days at a time and are virtually indestrictable.  While certainly an investment, if your man is a hardcore tailgater or a man’s man that loves the outdoors, this would be an excellent gift!
Cologne*: A scent makes a great gift because you can pick what you want him to smell like 😉  I got Matt this one years ago after smelling about 95 different colognes and almost fainting, but it was worth it because it smells so good.

Tie*: Every man needs at least a few great ties, and here quality really matters.  Cheaper ties are made of thinner material so they get wrinkly and just don’t sit right.  For a more classic design, Brooks Brothers should be your go-to, and for a quirky modern design, Vineyard Vines is where it’s at.

Speaker: (I linked a different one than that pictured, because I realized that the Sono Speaker isn’t Bluetooth capable so you have to be in a WiFi network!)  A wireless speaker will come in handy in so many situations: tailgates, boating, parties, nights on the patio, working in the garage, etc.  Get the party started with some T.Swift anywhere you are 😉

Carhartt Thermal Top + Long Underwear Bottoms*: If your man lives in a cold climate these are essentials he will love.  Matt got them for Christmas last year and wears them nearly every day in the winter and swears by them!

Watch: A classic leather strap watch will never go out of style.

Grid-It Organizer: Let’s be real, most men are not super tidy (at least mine isn’t).  I discovered this grid organizer the other day and think it would be so perfect to throw in their briefcase for work to keep everything from collecting at the bottom of their bag.  I kind of want one for myself actually…

Chromecast*: Project anything from your computer on to your television screen with this little gadget.  It’s so brilliant and we use it all the time!  We didn’t have cable at our last place and would use this all the time to watch shows or even movies on our big TV.

UGG Slippers*: Everyone needs a good pair of slippers to wear around the house and the men are no exception.  UGG slippers are so warm and last years!

LL Bean Fleece Lined Flannel: Just read that name, fleece lined flannel, does it get any cozier than that?!  This one is on Matt’s list this year and I can see why.  I actually want one of these for myself!

Wooden Cube Clock: Another thing most men aren’t good at (especially if they are living the bachelor pad life) is interiors.  This gift is practical but most importantly, it lends a nice style to the room.  Plus, the dark wood ensures it will look good in any space!

Cast Iron Skillet*: An essential to every kitchen, a cast iron skillet is perfect for the men because it can cook pretty much everything: chicken, steak, eggs, beans, vegetables, cobbler, I really mean almost anything.  But what makes this a true man’s essential is that it doesn’t need to be washed, in fact washing it is not recommended!  Matt always asks that I put this on the annual gift guide.

Sperrys*: Another classic that will last years, Sperrys go with nearly everything.  They are one of those items that every man should have in his closet.  Every man in my family does!

Copper Mugs*: A great gift for any Moscow Mule fan, copper mugs can actually be used for so much more.  Put any drink in one and it will stay so much colder.  Plus, they look really cool!

Animal Head Shot Glasses: I just think these are so fun and a manly spin on the traditional boring shot glasses.  Plus they look good on display, AKA he doesn’t have to put them away.  Though you should still recommend he wash them 😉

Needlepoint Belt: Props to you if you have the dedication to spend hours upon hours making one of these for your man like a friend of mine did, but I would prefer to just buy one.  Needlepoint belts are very Southern in style and one of those pieces that age really well.  There are so many cool designs out there so have some fun with it!

Crosley Record Player: For the music buff, hipster-type, or just any man who needs some decor, a record player is the way to go.  I think they just look so cool!  Find his favorite album on record and give him that, too.  Urban Outfitters usually has a good selection of modern albums on record, otherwise Amazon is always a great spot.

Saddleback Leather Wallet*: Hands down one of the best gifts I ever gave Matt, this one initially came as a recommendation from my dad, so you know it’s man-approved.  This brand’s tagline is “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead” because they are so durable that they are supposed to never break and last forever.  Matt’s old wallets used to fall apart after two years or less, but this one is going on four!  It is really stiff at first but after a while – maybe a year or two – it breaks in so nicely and over the years gets softer and softer (my dad’s is amazing!)

Star Wars Backup Battery: Typically I recommend the Anker backup battery that I own and love but for those Star Wars fans out there that are so excited about the upcoming movie, I had to throw this in!  A backup battery is so convenient to have, especially for really long days, places that suck battery, or for overnights.  I always bring mine so that I don’t have to find an outlet because sometimes the outlets are in weird places in other people’s houses, am I right?!

Wolverine Boots*: Another gift that will last for years, these are an investment but worth it.  Matt bought these a few months ago and was afraid they would be “too hipster” for his more classic preppy taste but we were both pleasantly surprised.  His brother also has them and they both highly recommend!  They look good with almost everything, light and dark jeans, khakis, colored chinos, corduroys, you get the idea.  They will take time to break in, but I take that as a good sign!

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