Believe it or not, a lot of outfits that I wear never make it to the blog!  That said, I do try to capture some of my more everyday looks and share them with you on Instagram.  In case you missed any posts or had questions on where items were from, I wanted to share a roundup of all the outfits I posted in October that never made it to the blog. 
In that vein, (if you haven’t already) I highly suggest signing up for Like to Know it.  I utilize that service for almost any outfit that I post on Instagram.  If you don’t already know how LTK works, the brief summary is that it makes my Instagram posts shop-able.  It’s really brilliant and I can’t tell you how many times I have used it as a shopper.  If you want more details, just watch this quick video that goes through the process step-by-step.
*Wanted to address two topics that aren’t in the video that I get a lot of questions on: 
1. In case you’re worried about getting 14,203 emails a day like I was before I signed up, do not be afraid!  You are able to change your email frequency to daily, weekly, or even turn off the email function.  In addition, even if you have it on ASAP, the emails get grouped together so you don’t end up with fifty emails in your inbox, it’s just one thread.  
2. If you don’t want to search through your inbox for the post you liked you can also type the exact link from the caption (it’s case sensitive) to your browser and it will pull up the Instagram post.  For example, try this one:  
Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to help!
With all that said, simply read on for my October looks that never made it to the blog…

Booties | Ripped Jeans | Identical Sweatercurrently 50% off!
Dress – also available in oxblood, grey, mustard, and black | Lip Color #09worth the money, I wear this nearly every day!
OTK Boots – My exact boots are now available on Amazon (I bought mine off eBay and they took 3 weeks to get here so this is huge!  That picture below is correct, mine change from tan to grey depending on the light.)

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