Since mid-November my family has been asking for my Christmas list.  My little sisters were ON IT this year and had theirs out practically before Halloween haha.  While I may be behind on sending out a Christmas card and only ordered three gifts so far, I did at least get my list to them on time so at least I have that going for me!
If you are still looking for gifts for a lady in your life, whether it be your best friend, your mom or sister, or if you’re just looking for ways to spend your Christmas bonus, I wanted to share with you the items that are on my wishlist and why I am hoping to find them under the tree.
Read on for all the details…

Erborian Bamboo Waterlock Mask: The Sephora associate recommended this to me when I went in to find something to fix my super dry winter skin and I cannot sing its praises enough.  There are two ways to use it: apply a thick layer as a mask and wash off after 10 minutes, or apply a thin layer as a leave-on moisturizer (the way I prefer to use it).  My skin was insanely cracked and dry and no matter how much moisturizer I was using, it wouldn’t do the trick – the morning after using this for the first time, completely fixed!
J.Crew Puffer Vest: This has been on my wishlist for a few years now but it wasn’t until I borrowed my mother-in-law’s that I decided I actually needed it.  It’s the perfect layering piece for a little more warmth, whether over a light sweater, or under a jacket.
Pretty Plum Sugar PJ Set: For some reason I can’t bring myself to spend money on pajamas which makes them the perfect gift!
Lipstick Holder: Functional and gorgeous, this would be the perfect way to display some of my favorite lipsticks.
Lipstick Queen “Hello Sailor”: The color looks frightening at first, but this semi-sheer lip color supposedly goes on as more of a cool, berry tone – think raspberry/blackberry.  Plus, due to the coloring, it promises to make your teeth appear whiter!
Lipstick Queen “Frog Prince”: Again with the scary color, but this emerald green lipstick promises to “transform into a magical rosebud hue upon contact with lips”.  Something about the formula interacts with the pH levels of your lips to create the perfect pink hue for you.  What’s cool is that it won’t look the same on everyone, the pink tone will be completely unique to you!
Benefit Roller Lash: Ever since receiving a sample of this mascara at a blog event earlier in the year, it has been my absolute favorite, which is saying a lot since I typically hate silicone brushes.  It lengthens my lashes better than any other I have tried.  The one tube lasted me over six months but sadly I am running out and in need of a refill!
Luggage Set: Matt and I have some fun travels drawn up for the coming year and my luggage is definitely in need of being replaced – the wheels get stuck all the time so I end up having to drag my suitcase through the airport, not a cute look.  I love the color of this set, the hard case which will withstand handling and the fact that they fit inside one another making them easy to store.
Tan Crossbody: I own plenty of crossbody bags, but realized recently that I have none that are tan.  The style of this one is reminiscent of Rebecca Minkoff but the price tag makes it something even my little sisters can afford.
35mm Lens: This is definitely a long shot based on the price but I’ve had my eye on this lens for so long.  Since I have a cropped lens camera, this lens would actually act more like a true 50mm and I’ve heard wonderful reviews of 35mm lenses in terms of clarity and color.
Camera Remote and Tripod: When Matt saw this on my list he thought he was going to be out of blog photo duty but the truth is that I want this so we can actually get pictures of us together haha.  Though I do think it would be fun to learn how to self-shoot, too!
Mini Monogram Necklace: I have a few monogram necklaces of multiple sizes, but love the idea of a mini monogram that can be worn every day, regardless of what other jewelry I layer over it.
MAC “Up the Amp”: Such a gorgeous purple shade.  I wore this all last winter but somehow lost it in our move so I think it’s time to replace!
MAC “Rebel”: This has been dubbed the most flattering shade for all skin tones and after finally testing it out a few weeks ago, I can agree.  For a lighter berry shade, just dab with a napkin, or apply liberally for a vampy pout.
Burberry Effortless Contour Pen: Contouring scares me.  I really want to try it but every time I do, it just looks like I slathered dirt on my face.  I’ve heard good things about this one and the word “effortless” in the name makes me more confident in my ability to use it.
Anthropologie Candle: The most heavenly scent!  My friend always has this burning in her house and every time I walk in and it makes her home feel so cozy and just smells incredible.
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