Music has always been one of my favorite pasttimes – one might say I am a little too interested.  I constantly have it playing in the house/in the car/walking to work, pay way too much attention to lyrics, and shock Matt with my ability to guess a song on the radio within the first two seconds.

My musical process goes something like this: Each month I start a new playlist and add to it throughout the month, and at the end of each year I go through each one and make a playlist for the whole year of all my favorites.  I leave out those that I may have listened to a little too much and are at the point of being annoying (Stitches and Cake by the Ocean are this year’s culprits) so that I am left with songs I never want to skip!  Then I proceed to listen to almost nothing other than my annual mix for the first two months of the year haha!

I hope that you enjoy my 2015 mix and find a few songs that you may have missed!
What were your favorite songs from the year?  I love sharing music so please do tell!

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