As I alluded to earlier this week during the colder months more than any other time of the year, comfort is key.  While a soft sweater, great coat, and stretchy leggings can definitely lend that factor, the fact is that it starts with the base layer.  Truth is: most days I wear a sports bra, haha.  Because let’s be real they are so much more comfortable than a real bra and that’s all that really matters in my world!  However, recently I was introduced to the new Hanes Ultimate bra line, and my eyes narrowed in on the part that said “Super soft ComfortBlend® lining feels as comfortable as your favorite tee”.  Done and done.I got this one and this one and can honestly say I’ve never tried more comfortable bras.  They truly are the best of both worlds, providing the support and shape of a regular bra but being just as comfy as my favorite sports bra.

Also have to note that this top and these jeans are both new and they are so amazing – and of course comfortable!  The tee is incredibly soft and really long in the back so you can wear it with leggings!  And the front is long too so you can leave it out like I did here or tuck it in which I also love.  It comes in seven different colors and is only $18!  And then the jeans.  I’ve been searching for the perfect pair of not-too-light-but-not-too-dark skinny jeans for at least two years and finally found them.  They are a bit pricey so I waffled a bit but once they got here even my husband was telling me I had to keep them!  I have another pair of Frame denim that I wear all the time (my ripped black ones) and I am happy to say these are just as good.  Frame makes exceptional jeans that are simple and fit perfectly – totally worth the investment.


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