FRIDAY FIVE – 2/12/16.

Winter Wedding Guest Dress

This week has sure flown by – I think out of sheer anticipation of this weekend and all the stuff to get done before then AKA finding Matt some presents!  I shared some last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas here, but maybe should have taken my own advice and actually ordered one…

Anyways, some recent highlights…


ONE: First things first, today is my sweet husband’s birthday!  I couldn’t be more grateful for his smile, good heart, and steady love.  Happy Birthday Matt – I love you so!  Sorry your day always gets overshadowed by Valentine’s Day 😉

TWO: We drove back to Kansas City two weekends in a row for the weddings of two couples near and dear to us.

First was my best friend from college whose wedding was an intimate gathering of those closest to them which was really charming.  Their love is so sweet and we felt so lucky to get to be there with them to celebrate.

Second was Matt’s cousin/my roommate from when we studied abroad who married one of Matt’s best friends!  It was a humongous celebration with (what felt like) everyone we went to college with as well as Matt’s whole family.  The band kept us dancing our hearts out all night long – I was really glad I brought my Sambas for the reception – total gamechangers – and they were a hit, got tons of compliments!

THREE: I’m grateful that my father-in-law taught Matt that it is a man’s duty to drive, which meant that I got to sleep both car rides to and from KC while Matt logged nearly 40 hours behind the wheel 😉

FOUR: We decided to make the past two weekends “cheat weekends” and took advantage to load up on roadtrip snacks at each stop.  I felt so sick after the donut, flaming hot cheetos, and hot dog, but dang it was good while it lasted!

FIVE: Been obsessing over the band Grizfolk and wanting to tell everyone about this hidden gem of a band!  I actually found them through my friend Madison’s YouTube video and I immediately gave them a listen and haven’t stopped.  They have a very unique sound, it’s a mix of alternative, folk, pop, and electronic… just give them a listen!


Favorite Post from the Week: A Weekend Trip to Chicago in the Winter

Link to Check Out: Marin Headlands via Gal Meets Glamit’s always been my favorite view of SF!

Song of the Week: Troublemaker by Grizfolk

“God’s ways are not always our ways, but God’s ways – not our ways – are always best.”


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