FRIDAY FIVE – 2/27/16.

Spring-Like in Chicago | Gold-Hatted Lover

We are off today to Kansas City, yet again… this will make three weekends in one month that we’ve gone back!  I think after this we will need to lay off until after graduation 😉 haha.  This time we are headed back for one of our favorite events of the year – our alma mater’s Scholarship Ball.  I was able to score the dress I wanted so badly (had to track it down in store since it’s nearly sold out online) and I can’t wait to see our family and friends and dance the night away.

Hope you all have some fun planned for your weekend!

5 highlights from the week…


ONE: Weekend in Chicago

We had heard that the weather last weekend was supposed to be pretty nice, so last minute we booked an AirBnb and drove into Chicago for the weekend.  It ended up not being quite as warm as I had hoped so I still wore my puffy coat around both days, but it was nice to get out and explore with the huz.

TWO: ASOS Loafers

As I was browsing online I discovered that ASOS has hands-down the best selection of loafers and flats right now.  They even have an updated version of my jeweled loafers that are always a hit!

THREE: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick

Just recently picked up this new liquid lipstick and I. am. obsessed.  It dries completely so that you can kiss people and it doesn’t get on them!  Plus, since it stains your lips, you won’t have to reapply after eating, etc.  I got “To Matte with Love” and it is a beautiful orangey-pinky-red (it’s more red than it looks online) and am thinking of picking up “Personal Statement” (a bright hot pink) next.

FOUR: Photographed an engagement

It was really funny how it happened but while we were in Chicago, Matt texted a friend seeing if he was around to grab a drink with us and he texted us back “Actually I’m getting engaged in an hour.  Want to come take photos?” haha!  So we grabbed the camera and rushed over to the ice rink where we hid out until the big moment.  I was so nervous I would mess up or the pictures would all come out blurry, but there was no need – it went perfectly!

FIVE: Working from home with Matt

Matt only has classes in the afternoons and this week didn’t have any group projects to work on before classes so he was able to work on his stuff side-by-side with me most of the days.  It’s such a treat getting to eat lunch together and just sit next to each other and chat throughout the day.


Favorite post of the week: On The Fringethis $15 fringe tee is the best!

Link to check out: Stay in Your Lane via The Well Sought Bloga beautiful analogy, especially now during Lent

Obsession of the week: Boom Chicka Pop “Lightly Sweet Popcorn” – ate the whole bag in less than 48 hours, whoops :/

Song of the week: Something New by Zendaya and Chris Brown

5 things I used and loved this week…


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