Best Easter Dresses Under $100 | Gold-Hatted Lover

Easter 2015 – DressBlazer and Earrings (my colors no longer available but same exact styles)


It hit me today that Easter is just two weeks away, TWO WEEKS!!!  Cue me frantically searching the Internet trying to find the perfect dress…  Just in case any of you are in the same boat I thought I would share the best Easter dresses under $100 that I found in hopes of helping you out!

When shopping for an Easter dress I typically look for one of three things: white, pastel, or floral print.  I also make sure that it is a classic style that I can wear over and over again as the weather warms up.  I am willing to spend a bit more than usual because it’s a special holiday and since it is early in the year I know I can wear it more throughout the Spring and Summer.  That being said, $100 is usually my cap.  It’s not that dresses aren’t ever worth more than $100, it’s just that there are sooo many great options under $100 it seems unnecessary to spend more!  See below for examples 😉

Hope this post helps you find something if you’ve been procrastinating too!


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