FRIDAY FIVE – 3/18/16.

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

Today we are off to Dallas, but more on that later!  We have been go-go-go the past few weeks, with multiple trips to Kansas City and a few weekend trips into Chicago and after this quick trip, I am happy knowing that our next trip isn’t until the first weekend in May (heading out to the Kentucky Derby – my first time!).  It’s a bit of an oxymoron because I absolutely love to travel and am always dreaming up the next trip, but am a total homebody – anyone else feel me on this one?!

Anyways, five highlights from the past few weeks…


ONE: St. Patrick’s Day Weekend in Chicago

Last weekend we headed into Chicago to meet some friends to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  For those asking, yes, it was only technically yesterday!  However, if it doesn’t fall on a weekend, Chicago celebrates the weekend before.  Glad we got that cleared up 😉

The day was full of party-hopping, watching basketball in Old Town, strolling around with the huz, checking out the green river (that thing is intense – it looks toxic!), and ended with a Mexican dinner because that makes sense 😉  We had wanted to come up for this for years and were so glad we were finally able to make it happen!

TWO: I was published!

Totally forgot to share this a few weeks ago, but I had an article published in a magazine!!!  One of my goals for the year was to have a piece published, I just didn’t expect it to happen to soon.  Belong Magazine’s mission is to empower women and give them a place of community so I was really flattered when they reached out and wanted to include my piece on my experience at Create + Cultivate from last fall.  They are in the process of getting it in stores at Barnes & Nobles, but until then you can pick up a digital copy or a print copy on the Belong site.

THREE: Jack Rogers “Lauren” Sandals in Blue Raffia

When I visited the Jack Rogers showroom back in September when I was in NY for fashion week, I preview the Spring collection and put an order in for these sandals right on the spot – it was love at first sight!  After anxiously awaiting the launch of the line, they finally ended up in my mailbox recently and now I am impatiently waiting for Spring weather to arrive!!!

I highly recommend them, just be sure to go a half size up, they run really small!  (I am so glad I asked my sister who owns these in another color about the fit because otherwise if I had ordered my regular size they would have been way too small!)  If you are a classic gal, they come in the original style as well but they are nearly sold out!

FOUR: The Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Dilemma of 2016

Fun fact: I get major cravings.  As in, once I get an idea in my head of what I want, literally nothing else will suffice.  It’s so bad that Matt and I are both worried about how I am going to be when I am pregnant because if it’s this bad now we can only imagine!  Haha!

Anyways… earlier this week I woke up craving an ice cream cookie sandwich.  Like, who wakes up craving ice cream?!  Me.  We finally go to the store that night and they didn’t have the Toll House Ice Cream Sandwiches!  Cue me freaking out.  Then Matt suggested the M&M version and starts trying to convince me of how good they are.  Now, I was doubtful because I typically don’t like M&Ms but I had no other option – desperate times call for desperate measures.  Fast forward 10 minutes to me sitting on the couch eatting this delectable dessert and exclaiming to Matt “You were so right, these are amazing!”  Matt was cracking up at how good I thought they were.  So yeah, go get yourself some 😉

FIVE: Easter Dress

If you’re like me and completely forgot that Easter is next week, be sure to check out this post full of the best Easter dresses under $100.  The best part is that you can probably get them in time if you order today – otherwise they’d all make cute options for the rest of Spring 😉

I ordered this one and it was delivered the next day!   (It also comes in this similar style that is a little less expensive)  Now I am just praying that it is warm enough next week otherwise I may have to save it for the Derby!


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Song of the week: Without You by Oh Wonder

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