Dressing for Spring When It's Still A Little Cold | Gold-Hatted LoverDressing for Spring When It's Still A Little Cold | Gold-Hatted LoverDressing for Spring When It's Still A Little Cold | Gold-Hatted LoverDressing for Spring When It's Still A Little Cold | Gold-Hatted Lover

Early Spring can be tough – the brighter and warmer days make me want to pack away the coats and boots and bring out my Summer clothes that are in storage under the bed, haha!  While it’s still much too soon to be pulling out the cutoffs and tank tops, I’ve found a few styling tricks that help with dressing for spring when it’s still a little cold out and today I’m going to share those tips with you!

  1. Scarves.  But not the blanket scarf variety 😉  You’d be surprised how much heat you lose out of your neck so keeping it covered with a lightweight scarf is a great way to stay warm.  What I love about lightweight scarves is that you can wear one in the morning and then as the day warms up you can either fold it up and put it in your bag (since they’re thinner they fold up nice and tiny) or simply drape over your shoulders.  There are tons of great lightweight scarves on the market right now, some of my favorites are this chambray one, this striped one, and these Lilly Pulitzer ones.
  2. Longer shorts.  Cutoff weather won’t be here for a few more weeks – or months depending on where you live – but that doesn’t mean you can’t bear some skin, simply go for a longer hemline!   Just don’t forget the self-tanner 😉  [This is the one I am wearing in these pictures – it’s my favorite natural shade and I apply with the pink side of this mitt.]  I honestly never thought I would gravitate towards a length like this but once I tried them on I was impressed with how flattering they were and was even more shocked when my husband complimented them!  The length makes them appear more seasonally appropriate and they will look really nice (and not too short) with wedges or heels.
  3. Light-Colored Knit Sweaters.  One item every girl should have in her closet is an ivory knit sweater.  I got this particular one from TJ Maxx a few years ago and cannot count how many times I have worn it – it’s been invaluable!  The off-white color allows me to wear it year-round; in the winter I will layer another shirt under it or a jacket over it and in the Spring I will wear it with white jeans or shorts as shown.  It really is a staple!  Other great options are sweaters in decidedly “Spring” shades like pastels or brights, as well as whites and greys.

I hope these tips help you when you’re looking in your closet with your weather app open that reads “55 and Sunny” and are completely baffled at what to wear!


PS: I also wrote a post about how to transition wear your Spring dresses when it’s still cold out.  The dress was such a hit that it sold out but it has since been restocked – it’s only $40!



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Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions (and tips!) expressed are my own.


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