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Let’s talk designer bags for a second.  Sure, I think there is something to be said for a classic designer handbag that you will carry through the years and maybe even become an heirloom that you pass down to your daughter.  However, those bags come with a hefty pricetag (even when pre-owned, or “pre-loved”)!  And to be honest, a lot of designer bags these days have become so “trendy” that I don’t know that I could even validate the purchase.  Luckily, since they’ve become so mainstream, there are now tons of designer-inspired bags that nearly replicate the high-end ones for a fraction of the price!

One designer in particular that has become uber popular in the past few years is Chloé.  The designs are fresh and beautiful but they’ll cost you nearly a month’s rent!  I’ve been seeing tons of bags that look eerily similar to the Chloé ones selling at a price that is much more budget-conscious, so I wanted to share the absolute best Chloé handbag dupes with you that I’ve found!  I’d feel guilty keeping all this info to myself – got to share the goodness!  And all of these are either from sites I have shopped myself or I have friends who have so think they are reputable! 🙂


Small Faye: Splurge | Save/Save

Hudson Studded: Splurge | Save

Drew: Splurge | Save

Faye: Splurge | Save

Hudson Braided: Splurge | Save

Marcie: Splurge | Save


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